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Welcome to, the meeting place of the smart oil-hydraulics-related people. If you are visiting this site for the first time, please read The Introduction and do The Simple Test before you go on.


25 July, 2017

As I was going through the painful process of recoding the pages to the new HTML5 format - an old post on Hysteresis brought a smile to my face...

9 July, 2017

A long-due explanation for the Five Years of Silence

15 June, 2017

First "real" update in five years! It's about time... But before any actual oil-hydrauics posting can happen, I have to do some serious "remodelling" around here, i.e. replace the outdated static design with something more adaptive and mobile-friendly, which is a gargantuan task, given the fact that I did everything wrong when I created the blog with a free visual editor and zero knowledge of HTML. But it needs to be done, and it will be done. I'm starting with the home page, and will eventually "grind" through the rest of the site. Should anyone catch any "funny looking business" in the browser, please, shoot me an email describing it - I'll do my best to correct the errors. Also - older browsers might not display the new code correctly.

18 November, 2012

InsaneHydraulics is back online! I would like to thank all the followers of this blog for the support expressed in emails! Your feedback keeps this site going! So, without further ado: Shaft Seals and Drain Lines - Anything in Common?

19 August, 2012

The reason why I've been offline for all this time is simple - we are expanding our business to the Sothern part of Portugal,and I have but two months to set up a functional warehouse and a workshop - way too little time if you ask me, so I've been working 24/7, and yes - no vacation for me this year... Still managed to add three more links to the article on Aftermarket Spares: A6VM Pistons, Seal Kits, and NG10 Valves

28 July, 2012

An article on Sauer Danfoss series 90 pumps troubleshooting, which also gives you a "heads up" about the "dangers of wrapped filters"... - One Troubleshooting Story

2 July, 2012

Are Orbital Motors the Best Choice for Static Torque Applications?

21 June, 2012

A Farewell to an Old Friend

6 June, 2012

External Gear Motor Stall

16 May, 2012

Post about Flatheads gets a small add-on

13 May, 2012

A story of how I once attempted to Straighten Out a Crooked Barge


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